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Simple, elegant earstuds.

Phaistos Disc stud earrings

SKU: JV-207
  • dimensions

    Diameter: 1.2cm
  • more about the Phaistos Disc

    The original piece, now in the Heraklion Museum in Crete, was found at the palace at Phaistos and dates to ca 1500 BC. It was made of fired clay and is about 15cm in diameter, covered on both sides with a spiral of stamped symbols.

    The 241 pictograms on the disc comprises 45 symbols, including Man, Woman, Child, Bow, Arrow, Shield, and Dove - mostly representations of easily identified everyday things. Scholars have noticed resemblances to Egyptian hieroglyphs. Its purpose and meaning, even its original place of manufacture, remain disputed, making it one of the most famous mysteries of archaeology.

    Proposed interpretations include prayers, a narrative or an adventure story, a call to arms, a board game, even a geometric theorem.

  • about this collection of jewellery

    It has been a privilege to work with the Vaphiadis family since 2007. They are one of the best manufacturers of sterling silver jewellery in Greece.

    The collection is inspired by ancient Greek silver and gold coins, the art and jewellery of the Minoan civilisation, familiar symbolic motifs and images, and the animals that played a significant part in ancient Greek culture.

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