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As a symbol of wisdom, vigilance and intelligence, the owl in Greek mythology was associated with the goddess Athena. She was the patron deity of the city of Athens, the protectress of women, and the goddess of intelligence, wisdom and strategic thought.

Owls appear on Athenian coins from the 6th century BC onwards, with the first three letters of Athena's name (in Greek: alpha, theta, epsilon) and an olive branch, Athena's gift to her city.

owl brooch

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  • dimensions

    Height: 3.5cm Width: 2cm
  • more about owls

    Symbol of Athena, who was the goddess of wisdom, intelligence and resourcefulness. She was also the patron deity of Athens, the city to which she gave her name and the gift of the olive.

    The owl was frequently depicted in the art and coinage of the city, especially from the 6th century BC onwards.

  • about this collection of jewellery

    It has been a privilege to work with the Vaphiadis family since 2007. They are one of the best manufacturers of sterling silver jewellery in Greece.

    The collection is inspired by ancient Greek silver and gold coins, the art and jewellery of the Minoan civilisation, familiar symbolic motifs and images, and the animals that played a significant part in ancient Greek culture.

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