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A lovely replica, exclusive to It's All Greek.

marble Wounded Gaul

SKU: SA-108
  • dimensions

    Length: 27cm Height: 15cm Depth: 15cm
  • more about the original Dying Gaul

    The original marble is itself a Roman copy of a Greek bronze statue commissioned between 230-220 BC by Attalos I of Pergamon, to honour his victory over the Galatians. The identity of the sculptor is unknown. This was the first time a sculpture of this kind had been seen on this scale - the original is 1.85m long.

    It was rediscovered in the early 17th century during excavations for the Villa Ludovisi, and was first recorded in 1623 in the collections of the powerful Ludovisi family. It was looted by Napoleon in 1797 during his invasion of Italy, and taken to Paris. It is currently on display in the Capitoline Museum in Rome. A number of copies exist, amongst them the one at the Courtauld Institute in London, and another in Syon House.

    He is a perfect scaled-down version of a larger replica. He was commissioned by and is exclusive to It's All Greek.

  • about the marble collection

    This collection is made in the UK in cast Carrara marble. The beautiful white marble of Carrara in Tuscany was used for the Pantheon in ancient Rome and was a favourite of Michelangelo.

    The sculptures are created using a process of dry casting, so that each sculpture contains over 90% marble. They glisten!

    The high quality is such that there will be no discoloration - other than natural patination and ageing - especially if the pieces are placed outdoors.

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