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The iconic marble head of the horse of Selene from the Parthenon.

marble horse of Selene from the Parthenon (mini)

SKU: SA-004
  • dimensions

    Height including her base: 9cm Width: 9.5cm Depth: 3.5cm
  • more about the original horse head

    The marble original, from the Parthenon, is currently in the British Museum and is one of the best-loved pieces of classical Greek sculpture.

    The horse's head dominates the northern apex of the Parthenon's east pediment, which depicts at its centre the birth of the goddess Athena. Many gods and goddesses witnessed this momentous event, including the goddess of the moon, Selene. The figures in these pediments were sculpted fully in the round, although the backs of them would never be seen once in situ, and hoisted into position between 447-432 BC.

    This superb copy in cast Carrara marble was commissioned by and is exclusive to It's All Greek. She is a perfect, scaled-down version of a cast taken from the full size original.

  • about the marble collection

    This collection is made in the UK in cast Carrara marble. The beautiful white marble of Carrara in Tuscany was used for the Pantheon in ancient Rome and was a favourite of Michelangelo.

    The sculptures are created using a process of dry casting, so that each sculpture contains over 90% marble. They glisten!

    The high quality is such that there will be no discoloration - other than natural patination and ageing - especially if the pieces are placed outdoors.

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