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LACRIMAE RERUM: From Virgil's 'Aeneid' Book 1 (line 462).

One of the most famous phrases in ancient literature and much frustration has ensued in attempting to translate these words : the glory of 'Latin ambiguity'!

Literally: 'they are the tears of things, and they touch the mortal minds' is the English equivalent of 'sunt lacrimae rerum et mentium mortalibus tangunt'.

In the word by word translation: the verb 'sunt' means '[they] are'. The noun 'lacrimae' means 'tears [from the eye]'. The noun 'rerum' means 'of things'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The noun 'mentium' means 'minds'. The adjective 'mortalibus' means 'mortal'. The verb 'tangunt' means '[they] are touching, do touch, touch'.

Latin inscription: 'Tears for things as they are.'

  • dimensions

    Height: 11cm Length: 16cm Depth: 2cm Designed to be wall-mounted or, if preferred, placed in a little stand (not supplied).
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