Aphrodite and Pegasus coin earrings

Goddess of love, beauty, and sexual attraction, with the mythical horse Pegasus.

The coin is replica of the Corinthian silver drachm, which showed Aphrodite on its reverse, rather than the helmeted Athena found on Corinthian silver staters.

That Aphrodite was depicted on the coin suggests the goddess� close association with, and importance to, the city of Corinth. The Corinthian connection with Pegasus comes from the myth of Bellerophon, hero of Corinth, who tamed the winged horse and, with his help, slew the fire-breathing Chimaera and defeated the Amazons.

Alongside Kythera and Kypros, Aphrodite�s principal cult centre was at Corinth. Ancient writers record that her temple was filled with more than a thousand female servants, sacred to the goddess, who used to draw many male visitors to the city�!

Aphrodite and Pegasus coin earrings

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  • Diameter of coin: 1.5cm Drop when worn: 4cm