Alexander the Great and Athena rotating coin ring

This unusual 'double' ring rotates so that Alexander or Athena can be uppermost.

The 'Alexander' side is of a reproduction of a silver tetradrachm minted during the reign of Lysimachos of Thrace, in the last quarter of the fourth century BC, a successor (and boyhood friend) of Alexander the Great.

The head is that of Alexander himself, depicted with the ram's horns of Zeus Ammon (the god whom Alexander had claimed as his father), indicating his posthumous deification. 

The 'Athena' side depicts helmeted Athena.

Alexander the Great and Athena rotating coin ring

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  • diameter of coin: 1.5cm
  • It has been a privilege to work with the Vaphiadis family since 2007. They are one of the best manufacturers of sterling silver jewellery in Greece.

    The collection is inspired by ancient Greek silver and gold coins, the art and jewellery of the Minoan civilisation, familiar symbolic motifs and images, and the animals that played a significant part in ancient Greek culture.