white-ground lekythos: in memory of a musician

The original lekythos, dating to ca 460BC, is attributed to the Sabouroff Painter and is in the Antikensammlungen Berlin.

A gravestone ('stele') is topped with a lyre, which suggests that the deceased was a musician. On the steps of the stele are five variously shaped vases, placed there as offerings. Two females are in attendance.

The muted colours are consistent with the original vase in its current state.

white-ground lekythos: in memory of a musician

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  • Height: 21cm
  • They are all made in Greece in the workshop of the Lioulias family, with whom It's All Greek is proud to have been working since 2004.

    The vases themselves are manufactured in Greece, the images are then applied by transfer, before being painted by hand.