the stele of Hegeso

One of the most iconic pieces from the Classical period.

The original stele (below), dating to the 5th century BC and attributed to Kallimachos, was found in 1870 in the Kerameikos in Athens and is now in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.

The deceased Hegeso, daughter of Proxenos, is shown seated and is looking at a jewellery box which her slavegirl is holding.

The understated intensity of emotion is characteristic of many similar stelai of this time.

the stele of Hegeso

SKU: KR-55
  • Height to the top of the pediment: 42cm Width at widest point: 28cm Depth to the wall when mounted: 3cm. Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Made in Greece. The material is keramin, a durable plaster polymer compound with a light ochre finish applied by hand. There may, therefore, be a slight variation in colour from piece to piece. It is supplied ready to hang.