terracotta winged Pegasus

A lovely piece, decorated with geometric swirls, and hand painted with russet reds, dark blues and ochre browns. The decoration and colouring varies slightly on each one.

terracotta winged Pegasus

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  • Length: 11cm Height: 18cm
  • The mythical, winged, divine horse. His father was Poseidon, and he was born from the blood of the decapitated Medusa. After his birth, Pegasus flew to Mount Olympus where he placed himself at the disposal of Zeus, to whom he would bring thunderbolts.

    Bellerophon, King of Corinth, managed to capture Pegasus, tamed him with a golden bridle given by Athena, and with his help, killed the fire-breathing Chimaera, who was threatening to destroy the city. Some of the coins minted in Corinth are called 'pegasi' and show Pegasus on one side, helmeted Athena on the other. Pegasus also features on coins from Syracuse, a colony of Corinth.

    Every time Pegasus' hoof touched the earth, a spring of fresh water appeared. The most famous one is the Hippocrene - 'horse spring' - on Mount Helicon, home of the Nine Muses.

    Pegasus is regarded as a symbol of liberty, free spirit, inspiration, potential, and spiritual freedom. Eventually, Zeus transformed him into the constellation that bears his name.