red-figure oinochoe: children at play

The original oinochoe dates to the 5th century BC and was traditionally given as a gift during the Anthesteria festival in honour of the god Dionysos.

The Anthesteria was held annually for three days, typically at the January/February full moon. At the centre of this wine-drinking festival was the inversion of social order, with wealthy households and their slaves joining together to celebrate the festivities.

Similar pieces can be found in the Louvre Museum and usually depict children at play or even mimicking adults!

red-figure oinochoe: children at play

SKU: VM-213
  • Height: 16cm Width: 11cm
  • This piece is from a former supplier, in Greece, who no longer produces this range of pottery.

    The vases themselves are manufactured in Greece, the images are then applied by transfer, before being painted by hand.