marble female

The female of a pair, after the originals of 1882 by the Italian sculptor Leone Clerici.

Clerici specialised in making reproduction marble sculptures, working from his studio in Rome and his work was always in great demand.

This female companion, depicted as serene and pensive, was a later addition. The originals are in a private collection.

marble female

SKU: SA-007b
  • Height: 31cm
  • This collection is made in the UK in cast Carrara marble. The beautiful white marble of Carrara in Tuscany was used for the Pantheon in ancient Rome and was a favourite of Michelangelo.

    The sculptures are created using a process of dry casting, so that each sculpture contains over 90% marble. They glisten!

    The high quality is such that there will be no discoloration - other than natural patination and ageing - especially if the pieces are placed outdoors.