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hand-painted vases & plates

Ancient Greek vases are one of our most important sources for understanding ancient Greek culture, history, everyday life, mythology and iconography. Our ever-growing collection of replica ancient Greek vases at It's All Greek comes to us from three of our fifteen Greek suppliers. 

Christina, our main vase supplier for over a decade now, specialises in copies of red-figure and white-ground Greek pots and vases. She also produces our entire collection of plates. The quality of Christina's drawing is outstanding in its detail. Every gesture, every eyelash, every movement: skilfully drawn by hand. From miniatures to large-scale museum reproductions, her work is exceptional. We supplied her pottery and vases to 'Alexander' and 'Troy' and to several documentaries about ancient Greek pottery and vase-painting.

Our second supplier produces the black-figure, Corinthian, geometric and Minoan pottery. Whilst these items are screenprinted and not 'drawn' like Christina's, they are hand-painted and have a slightly different finish. This type of Greek vase is popular for the more muted colouring.

Our third supplier specialises in producing Greek vases which are designed to look as though they are the real thing - fresh out of the ground, or, in some instances, 'mended' too! These lovely pieces are popular because of their 'ancient' look.

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